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Please Read This Important Message

As some of you already know, back in the beginning of July our primary computer was hit with a cyber attack. The type of attack we were hit with is called ransomware, Basically what it does is encrypt all the files on your computer. And in order to get them back you have to pay the Hackers a ransom. in our case $5000

I know some people may think well why don't you just pay it. Well there is no guarantee that they will give you your files back. In most cases they just take the money and then ghost you.

So rather then take the risk in loosing the money we decided to take the financial plunge of building a new computer, and redesigned the network setup and security within the home.

But with this comes great loss, But Thanks to a close friend, We managed to restore enough files to pull off our Halloween display this year, But we lost over 6 years worth of personal files, family pictures/videos, and all the light show files. Its because of this we  will not  be able to do our Christmas display this season. We unwantedly have to take this year off.

We know this is a huge upset for a lot of people out there, that have made us there yearly Holiday Tradition. We love you all! We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you next year. So trust me when we say.

Don't worry we will be back Bigger! and Better! 

      With Holiday Wishes,

                   The LightsOnBates Family

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